Monday, July 28, 2014

Used TRD "Multi-ECU"

Complete with box and manual (in Japanese)

This ECU is mapped for the Starlet EP71 (both N/A and turbo) and Corolla's AE82, AE86 and AE92 (bigport)
Different setups can be selected using the DIP switches and rotary switch inside the ECU.
The final tuning can then be tweaked by means of the 4 rotary switches from within the cabin.

See pictures for details:


Matt Benger said...

Is this still available?

Toyoloog said...

Yes the TRD ECU is still availalbe.

Renaud Dachet said...

Hello, is it still available? I'm from Belgium and I reaaaaaaly need THIS! <3

Toyoloog said...

Hi, yes it's still available, I must admit I don't post on my blog too often any more. I've got all the available parts now also on my Facebook group:

Best to leave me a message there if you're interested in any of the parts.