Saturday, July 20, 2013

Used Toyota Corolla Cupholder

Fits on all versions of the AE92 except the coupe models
Mounts underneath the ashtray

Various colors available
Including monting hardware


Dingeldei said...

how much for 1? and for shipping to Melboune, VIC, Australia?

Toyoloog said...

Hi, please send me an email with your addres and I'll get you a quote on postage.

Morten Andersen said...

Do you still have two in dark gray?

Toyoloog said...

Hi, at the moment I only have the lighter grey, blue, maroon and brown versions available. You can of course spray paint it in any color you like.

Morten Andersen said...

okay, what do you want for the gray one then, with shipping to denmark ? :)