Friday, March 1, 2013

Cusco air bypass valve.

I had a few copy's made of my own Cusco ABV since these aren't availale new.
These are exact copy's of the original with the addition that I had the aluminum parts anodized for better protection against corrosion.
The stock ABV is set at 8PSI. If you are running a bigger crank pulley you can use this Cusco ABV to increase boost without having to mess with all the vacuum tubing and thus keep the original supercharger system in place. (It is advised not to exceed 14 PSI of boost since the higher temperatures can melt the teflon coating of the supercharger rotors)


Tony Martinez said...

Anymore for sale anthony.mikal.martinez @ can u email me please

Eirik Amundsen said...

You still have any?

amundzor @

Ben said...

Hi im after a ABV can you email me if you still have them or know someone who is able to point me in the right direction,